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Temperature Controlled Dry Ice Storage

Jeaton Aerospace offer high quality 3M Scotch – Weld structural paste and film adhesives which need to be stored, monitored and recorded in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is to ensure the highest quality and maximum shelf available for all products at all times.


3M Scotch Weld Film products are designed to give excellent bond properties when used on both metal to metal and composite bond applications and are generally designed for filling of mismatched bond surfaces and for reinforcing honeycomb in both solid and honeycomb sandwich constructions.


These 3M specialist film products need to be stored at -18’C or below and Jeaton have temperature controlled dry ice storage capability to ensure maximum shelf life is obtained on each product and is fully compliant to health and safety, storage and handling regulations which are then repacked for hazardous shipping.


This temperature controlled storage facility can also be used for other products that need temperature controlled storage.


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