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Commercial and Military

Jeaton Aerospace are a major 3M Aerospace Distributor and has become one of the foremost suppliers of Aerospace products with a specialist knowledge to supply a number of key product categories. This ranges from routine maintenance products right through to highly technical structural applications. Jeaton has an enviable capability to support its customers wherever they are located worldwide.

Jeaton has a long and successful track record in supplying the Commercial and Military Aerospace industries with strong collaborative links with many global product manufacturers such as 3M, Henkel, Nitto, PPG and Bostik.

Our portfolio of products includes Adhesive Films, Adhesives, Sealants, Adhesive Tapes, Liquid Shim, Void Fillers, Surface Treatments, Coatings and Primers, and Protective Boots.

Jeaton Aerospace can also offer a wide range of supply chain solutions including adhesive tape conversion, adhesive tape slitting, air tools service/ repair and provide full process design for pipe lagging kits.

We also have capability to store products that require temperature controlled storage, Jeaton’s cold room capability ensures maximum shelf life is maintained on applicable products.

Jeaton is a fully accredited supplier to ISO 9002 and AS EN 9120- standards, and is IATA certified for the Dangerous Goods product shipment.


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