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Adhesive Tape Slitting

Jeaton Industrial can offer in-house slitting capabilities for non-standard widths and lengths of adhesive tapes. All adhesive tapes whether they be foam, filmic, adhesive transfer, single sided or double sided can be slit to suit specific production requirements or individual needs. We can slit log rolls of adhesive material down to non-standard widths and lengths. Jeatons slitting capability allows you to work outside of standard sized roll widths (i.e 25mm, 19mm and 12mm), minimum order quantities, excessive waste and extended delivery lead times.


Jeaton have been successful in offering narrower widths which have been suitable within bonding applications . This has achieved significant cost savings within our customers manufacturing processes through savings in material, money, time, resource and overall improvement in productivity.


Some of the most popular slitting requests relate to the new 3M Series of VHB and thin bonding adhesive tapes.


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