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Loctite® 5400

Void Fillers

Low-density, two-part epoxy void filling compounds can be used for applications such as edge sealing, honeycomb reinforcement, gap filling and aircraft interiors. There is a vast array of products available with characteristics such as Non-sag, non-brittle, low shrinkage formulation in a selection of colours. Products are obtainable in fire, smoke and toxity-compliant (FST) versions.


There are multiple advantages of adhesives for composite and multi-material assembly. There is a wide selection of adhesive products within our range from global leading brands such as 3M, Henkel, PPG and Bostik that offer both performance and design advantages enabling you to increase design flexibility, enhance aesthetics with cleaner bonded joints, maximum durability and high-performance strength.

Structural Adhesive Films

Epoxy Adhesive Films are thermosetting and designed for various structural bonding applications. Depending on product choice, they will provide medium to high temperature resistance with typical cure cycle from 120 degrees to 180 degrees. Epoxy Adhesive films are utilised in aircraft maintenance and to ensure production efficiency. Jeaton have cold room storage and are accredited for dry ice packaging.


In the Aerospace industry we recognise that timelines are tighter, and budgets are smaller, finding ways to reduce costs and improve productivity, without sacrificing quality. At Jeaton we provide a range of polysulfide sealants that are lightweight, fast curing and high performance, enabling streamlined production and reduced fuel consumption.

Lubricants, coatings and primers

Lubricants, coatings and primers are used to protect against chemicals and various forms of corrosion on a wide number of substrates. Our range includes acrylics, solvents, removers, primers, surface treatments and a number of other speciality coatings. Jeaton Aerospace offer products from worldwide manufacturers including 3M, Akzo Nobel, Chemetall, Henkel and PPG.

General Aerospace Tapes

Jeaton Aerospace are a leading distributer of adhesive tapes from a wide range of leading manufacturers including 3M, Nitto, Advance, Orafol and Tesa. We are able to offer flame retardant, double-sided, vinyl, glass cloth, foil, film and polyurethane tapes and provide application solutions to customers globally.

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